Privacy Policy

Health information is sensitive information for the purposes of privacy legislation. Therefore patient consent is required to collect and disseminate information.

The primary purpose of Canberra Eye Surgeons collecting patient information is for the holistic care of the patient.

Where practical, all patient information will be collected directly from the patient.

Patient consent to disclose information is not required.

  • In emergency situations
  • For mandatory reporting for public interest eg some communicable diseases
  • For obligations under medical indemnity insurance
  • In communication with Medicare or private health funds to facilitate billing

Information will only be disseminated to other practitioners with patient consent- this consent may be verbal at the time of consultation. Examples of this would include reply to referring practitioner (including copies to other involved practitioners), referral to other health care providers for continuation of care eg anaesthetists, completion of admission forms for hospitals to continue agreed treatment.

Due to the use of internally accepted abbreviations and terminology, patients are invited to review their file in whole or part as necessary with their primary specialist. This will incur a fee equivalent to the fee charged for a subsequent consultation.

VDU display of patient information will be restricted by the use of passwords, screensavers and the physical placement of monitors such that staff and other patients will not have inappropriate access to data.

Notation will be made on the patient file of any disclosure of information without specific consent within the guidelines of the law.